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Donald trump is gonna get us killed michael moore warns

HE ACCURATELY predicted Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the US election when few others saw it coming.

Now Michael Moore has a more terrifying warning for the world.

The controversial filmmaker got straight to the point in his latest Facebook post where he warns what will happen if Mr Trump ignores intelligence briefings.

In Moores post Donald Trump is gonna get us killed, he not only takes aim at the President-elect, but highlights what happens when intelligence briefings are not acted on.

The post follows Mr Trumps admission in a Fox News interview on Sunday that he doesn't need daily intelligence briefings.

Mr Trump said he found the intelligence briefings repetitive and already understood potential threats.

You know, Im a smart person. I dont have to be told the same things in the same words every single day for the next eight years, Mr Trump said.

However, Moore warns of the danger of ignoring such vital information, pointing to what happened on September 11, 2001, after he claims George W Bush ignored intelligence briefings warning that Osama bin Laden was going to attack the US.

Moore writes this briefing was given to then President Bush on August 1, 2001, but it was glanced at before it was set it aside and (he) then went fishing for the rest of the day.

George W. Bush didnt leave the ranch to go back to work for the next four weeks. In the fifth week, bin Laden attacked the US with planes on September 11th.

When another such attack happens again, and Moore predicts it will, Mr Trump wont look to himself but will instead look to blame everyone else.

So, my fellow Americans, when the next terrorist attack happens and it will happen, we all know that and after the tragedy is over, amid the death and destruction that might have been prevented, you will see Donald Trump acting quickly to blame everyone but himself, he writes.

He will suspend constitutional rights. He will round up anyone he deems a threat. He will declare war, and his Republican Congress will back him.

And no one will remember that he wasnt paying attention to the growing threat. Wasnt attending the daily national security briefings. Was playing golf instead or meeting with celebrities or staying up til 3am tweeting about how unfair CNN is.

The post, which is accompanied with a picture of Mr Bush being presented with the bin Laden briefing in 2001, goes on to warn that its one thing to have a president asleep at the wheel but another to have one who refuses to even get behind it in the first place.

This utter neglect of duty, a daily snub at the people who work to protect us, the first Commander-in-Chief to literally be AWOL and announcing proudly he isnt going to change this, I assure you, is going to get a lot of innocent people killed, he concludes.

No matter whose side of the fence you're on, you'll agree that there's nothing quite so humbling - or hilarious - as a taste of one's own medicine.

Quickest ways to pay off your home loan

DROPPING as little as $10 or $20 extra each week onto your home loan can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars in interest charges and cut years off a loan term.

The new Reserve Bank of Australia governor Philip Lowe kept the cash rate on hold at 1.5 per cent this month but borrowers, particularly those with a variable rate loan, are being urged to pay extra on their loan to help shave down the principal debt and optimise cheap borrowing costs.

Many deals both variable and fixed are under 4 per cent so its important customers first check what rate they are on and ensure they arent paying too much.

Otherwise the alternative is to look to refinance, financial comparison website iSelect spokeswoman Laura Crowden says.

While extra repayments and other tweaks can add up in the long term, the easiest way to make a significant dent in your mortgage is to secure a lower interest rate,’ she says.

If you are paying more than this, its time to shop around and take advantage of record low interest rates.

For a customer on the average home loan a $300,000 30-year debt if they have an interest rate of four per cent and pay just $20 extra per week their repayments would climb to $1518 per month.

But doing this would save the borrower more than $25,200 in interest charges and cut three years and one month off the loan term.

Offset accounts are also a great way to slash the monthly interest charges.

If a customer has a debt of $10,000 in a 100 per cent offset account a daily transaction account linked to the home loan interest charges would only be charged on $290,000.

Paying more frequently fortnightly instead of monthly - also helps.

Monthly repayments mean 12 payments per year compared to 26 fortnightly repayments - which means the customer pays an extra month in the calendar year.

ING Direct head of products Tim Newman says while its easy to fall asleep on your home loan, many of the banks customers are paying more than the minimum repayments required.

There are some great rate deals available below four per cent in particular for owner occupiers borrowing at a low loan-to-value ratio,’ he says.

People should also use their home loan as a savings account, rather than put extra money into a savings account at a low rate customers are better off depositing this into their home loan and reducing their interest bill.

He says rounding up your home loan repayment to the nearest $100 mark is an easy way to make a big difference on paying down the loan quicker.


Paying extra on $300,000 30-year home loan

Additional repayment New repayment amount Interest saved Reduction to loan term

$10 per week $1475 per month $13,449 1 year, 7 months

$20 per week $1518 per month $25,221 3 years, 1 month

$50 per week $1648 per month $53,398 6 years, 7 months

$100 per week $1865 per month $85,065 10 years, 9 months

$200 per week $2298 per month $121,171 15 years, 8 months

Note: The interest rate used in this table is four per cent, figures by iSelect.